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How many reviews can I collect with TapReviews?

  • With TapReviews you can gain as many reviews as you can, it is not limited!

How does the review collection process work?

  • Our review collection process is simple and convenient. Customers can tap their phones on our contactless cards or table-cards and easily leave a review in just 3 easy steps. This frictionless experience encourages customer engagement and maximizes the number of reviews your business can collect.

How do you link our business to the cards?

  • You can easily add your business' name and address at your checkout cart and we will know what business it needs linking to.

Are there any subscription or ongoing fees for using TapReview's services?

  • No, there are no subscription or ongoing fees. TapReview offers a one-time purchase of our contactless review cards. Our pricing is based on the quantity you require, and there are no hidden costs. It's a straightforward and cost-effective solution for enhancing your online reputation.
How many reviews can I expect to collect with your service? 
  • While the number of reviews may vary based on various factors, our service has helped businesses collect anywhere from 10-30 reviews on average per day, however the number can be endless. The actual results can depend on the level of customer participation and the size of your customer base.

What are the benefits of collecting Google reviews for my business?

  • Collecting Google reviews offers several benefits. Firstly, it enhances your online reputation and credibility, as potential customers often rely on reviews to make informed decisions. Secondly, positive reviews can boost your search engine visibility, helping you attract more customers. Lastly, customer feedback provides valuable insights for you to improve your products or services and enhance the overall customer experience.

How can I effectively respond to negative reviews?

  • Addressing negative reviews professionally and promptly is crucial. We recommend you respond to negative reviews in a constructive manner. By showing empathy, offering solutions, and demonstrating your commitment to customer satisfaction, you can turn a negative experience into a positive one. Did you know that 45% of consumers are more likely to visit a business if it responds to negative reviews?




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